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What I Bought: Willow, Honey & Spice and Unforgettable

I've been a little naughty this week and put in two orders on Hey Little Magpie...

The first was two collections that I have been yearning after for a while, 'Willow' from One Canoe Two and 'Honey & Spice' from Heidi Swapp. The collections compliment each other really well, with similar autumnal shades of deep forest greens, burgundies and mustard yellow, with highlights of rich pink and rose gold accents throughout. I will definitely be using them together.

I didn't buy the full collection of either; with Willow I focused more on the beautiful embellishments and with Honey & Spice more on the paper. I love the positive sentiments throughout both collections - Willow is all about self-care and taking the time to unwind, which is something I'm trying to do a lot more at the moment! Honey & Spice encourages you to think about the happy moments in life and the reasons to smile. I already have a lot of photos in mind that I want to pair up with these collections; I think it will be fab for documenting those small 'day to day' moments that are simple but perfect.

What really convinces me whether to buy or not to buy a collection is the ephemera. It is my favourite thing to scrap with and its always so versatile. I absolutely adore the foiled vellum pieces in Honey & Spice:

And the birds in the Willow ephemera are so cute!:

And so to the papers. Willow includes some gorgeous floral patterns, and of course, one of One Canoe Two's stunning landscape scene papers, which will make a great background paper for an easy scrapbook layout. I also love the B-sides from this collection; the simple patterns in striking colours are also going to be very useful for layout backgrounds.

In Honey & Spice I quickly fell in love with this elegant black and white floral paper, and the pink leopard-print pattern. Hey Little Magpie have started offering paper bundles, which means you can now get a set of 12 patterned papers for 20% less than the cost of buying them individually. Perfect for when you don't quite want to splurge on the 12x12 paper pads, or the collection kits, which do quite often sell out very quickly anyway.

And so to my second purchase, 'Unforgettable' by Cocoa Vanilla Studio. I was planning on waiting until after Christmas to buy this collection, as I will likely get some HLM vouchers to spend, however HLM announced a 20% off sale on the collection, and this meant I happily had enough reward points to buy (nearly) everything I wanted and only have to cover the cost of postage!

I didn't buy loads from the collection, though I may potentially go back and buy more of the papers at a later date. I do absolutely love Cocoa Vanilla's signature clean, bright and beautiful look with florals and butterflies, however I feel that this collection is quite similar to their last collection Happiness, and I still have a few bits like the clear stickers and titles left over from that so I steered clear of those elements in my purchase.

I focused mainly on buying the papers I think I'll be most likely to use on my layouts - I mean, that wood grain, ugh its SO SO beautiful! I also love the busy floral patterned paper, but I do often buy these bold patterns and then struggle later to actually incorporate them into my layouts. Honestly, I think I'm most likely to end up using the B-sides - which are simple but really pretty and will make some wonderful backgrounds.

I also picked up the bows and tassles pack and the flair badges - I don't often use such 3D elements in my layouts but I'm trying lately to move a little outside my comfort zone and expand on my scrapbooking style, so I thought this would be a great place to start as it will be so easy to incorporate them into the page. Of course, I couldn't resist the ephemera pack:

I really love the camera and the feathers, it gives off a beautiful boho vibe.

I can't wait to get started with these collections; I definitely get more autumnal vibes from Honey & Spice and Willow so I think I'll be using those first to match with the season! Unforgettable conjures images of spring for me in the colours but I think its really versatile and can be used to scrap loads of different themes and photos, I don't think I'll have any problem finding inspiration.

Thanks for reading x

Links to buy:

One Canoe Two 'Willow' - https://www.heylittlemagpie.com/brands/one-canoe-two/?filter_collection=one-canoe-two-willow&query_type_collection=or#main

Heidi Swapp 'Honey & Spice' - https://www.heylittlemagpie.com/brands/heidi-swapp/?filter_collection=honey-spice&query_type_collection=or#main

Cocoa Vanilla Studio 'Unforgettable' - https://www.heylittlemagpie.com/brands/cocoa-vanilla-studio/?filter_collection=unforgettable&query_type_collection=or#main

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